The Prism Blade

Book 2 of the Passage to Mythrin

The Prism Blade begins six months after The Ruby Kingdom ends. It is the day before the annual Dunstone and Area Weird Games (DAWG). Since it’s the only games competition that favours geeks over jocks, Simon and Ike figure they stand a good chance of winning.

Just then, Mara, chief of the Urdar, asks Amelia’s help. The Casseri, a group of human refugees from another world, have come to Mythrin searching for the Prism Blade — a legendary weapon forged at the beginning of time. Both the Urdar and the Casseri are hunting the Prism Blade for their own protection. Both fear the Blade falling into each others’ hands.

It suddenly becomes Amelia, Simon, and Ike’s problem when they discover that the Prism Blade has been hidden on their own world for thousands of years. And right now, it’s hidden in plain sight in their own town. The kids need to find the disguised Blade before someone can use it to destroy Mara’s people - or before the Urdar wipe out the humans on Mythrin. And to do that, Simon, Amelia and Ike have to win the Weird Games.

Ordering the Prism Blade

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